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Please be aware that the ultrasound room is located on the first floor via a staircase.  If access is an issue then we will be happy to discuss alternative arrangements.  We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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4D Scan, Early Pregnancy Scan and Other Ultrasound Scans - Sutton Coldfield

Premier Scans is a private ultrasound clinic less than 10 miles away from the heart of Sutton Coldfield.  We provide all types of pregnancy scanning, gynaecological scanning and abdominal ultrasound scanning services to all areas of Sutton Coldfield.  So, if you are based in Sutton Coldfield and are looking for a professional, high quality, comfortable and safe scanning experience then please visit us at Premier Scans! Our scans include:



Fertility Scan

Premier Scans offers fertility scans to either investigate possible reasons for infertility or to monitor a natural or assisted fertility cycle.  We offer 2 types of fertility scan: endometrial thickness scan and follicle tracking scan. 

Find out more about our Fertility Scan


3D/4D Scan

4d scanning allows you to see your baby in real time. You can also bring family and friends with you to your appointment so you can share the experience of seeing your baby actually moving around (hence the '4th dimension') with the people you love. 

Find out more about our 3D scans / 4D scans


Sexing Scan or Gender Scan

A sexing scan (or gender scan) can determine the sex (or gender) of your baby from 16 weeks of pregnancy.  We have a 97% accuracy rating here at Premier Scans so our sexing scans / gender scans are very reliable!

Find out more about our Sexing Scan or Gender Scan


Presentation Scan

Presentation scans are usually performed later in pregnancy (36 weeks onwards) and is usually requested by a midwife or obstetrician to check the position of your baby.

Find out more about our Presentation Scan


Early Pregnancy Scan

An Early Pregnancy Scan (also known as a Viability Scan or Dating Scan) is often done in the very early stages of your pregnancy in order to offer reassurance.  You can have an Early Pregnancy Scan any time from 6 weeks into your pregnancy.

Find out more about our Early Pregnancy Scan


Fetal Wellbeing / Growth Scan

The purpose of a fetal wellbeing scan or growth scan is to determine the growth and health of the baby.  This scan includes measurements of the baby’s head, abdominal circumference and femur (thigh bone) amongst other things.

Find out more about our Fetal Wellbeing / Growth Scan


Anomaly Scan

This is a detailed scan where the sonographer will examine the anatomy of your baby to exclude structural abnormalities.  The anomaly scan can be performed between 18 – 24 weeks although it is normally performed at 20 weeks. The main purpose of anomaly scans is to check your baby’s anatomy for normality.

Find out more about our Anomaly Scan


Gynaecology Scan

Premier Scans also provides a full range of ultrasound diagnostic services to women with gynaecological problems. Ultrasound is used in gynaecologic investigation to assess the pelvic organs.

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All of Premier Scans services are available within a stone's throw of Sutton Coldfield.  We also offer some evening and weekend appointments too to make it easier to fit in with your work or other commitments so whether you work or live in Sutton Coldfield, Premier Scans can accomodate your ultrasound scanning needs.

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