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What can you see in an Anomaly Scan?

After checking your baby’s heartbeat, the main purpose of this anomaly scan is to check your baby’s anatomy for normality. A thorough examination of your baby’s head, brain, face, heart, stomach, umbilical cord insertion, spine, kidneys, bladder and limbs will be undertaken. The placenta will be checked for its position and measurements of your baby will be performed to ensure it is growing normally.

Most babies are healthy but sadly some have serious problems, when you attend for your anomaly scan we will assume that you wish to know about all problems that are detected by the scan and any concerns raised.  It may be necessary for us to discuss the problem with your midwife or doctor, we will always explain any scan findings with you at the time of the anomaly scan and give you advice and guidance where we can.

The ability to check the baby's development is dependent upon many factors. The bodyweight of the mother and the manner in which the baby lies in the womb are major issues. However, sometimes we cannot obtain what we consider perfect views of a certain part of the baby's body. In this case you will be invited back for a repeat scan. This happens in about 10% of cases so please do not be alarmed if this happens to you, you are only charged for the one visit.

Over half of all serious congenital malformations can be detected by the 20 week scan. Therefore, if your baby appears normal on scan there is only a small chance that your baby will have a problem. This is because some problems may not be present at 20 weeks but develop later in the pregnancy.

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