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Premier Scans is dedicated to providing a high quality service and hopes that every client will feel entirely satisfied with the quality of care they receive.  As part of this commitment, Premier Scans has a rigorous complaints procedure, which is available to any client who may require it.

If you have a grievance

If you would like to discuss your expectations or any aspect of your treatment at Premier Scans, they you should initially speak to the relevant member of staff so the complaint may be addressed, and possibly resolved straight away.  If you feel that this does not resolve the issues, then you should put your complaint in writing however, complaints may be received in person, by telephone, fax or email.

To ensure that Premier Scans is made fully aware of the concerns, the information should be supplied in writing so the matter can be processed through the Premier Scans complaints system.  If you are unable to do this, a member of Premier Scans is available to help.  It is the responsibility of the person receiving the complaint to ensure that the full nature and details of the complaint are understood and that the originator is made aware of this complaints procedure

Objectives of the Complaints Procedure

The complaints procedure is designed to give a client an opportunity to fully outline their grievances and to address them with a representative of Premier Scans.  It is the responsibility of Premier Scans to:

  • Ensure that all reasonable assistance is given to a client in presenting the complaint
  • Ensure that the complaint is fully investigated
  • Produce a response detailing the results of any investigations
  • Produce an explanation of what happened
  • Produce, where appropriate, an apology