What is a Free 3D/4D Peek Scan?

What is a Free 3D/4D Peek Scan?

Upon completion of your early pregnancy scan or sexing scan our staff at Premier Scans will ask if you wish to have a free 3D/4D Peek of your baby (available from 14 weeks gestation).  Our staff will spend up to a maximum of 5 minutes obtaining images of your baby.

Should you wish to purchase images from the 4D Peek you may do so for an additional fee, the images obtained from the 4D Peek are not included in the cost of your original scan:

  • Black and white 3D Thermal prints (price per print) – £2.50
  • Photo Quality Colour prints (price per print) – £5.00
  • JPEG images on CD-ROM (all images) – £10.00

You will not be charged for this scan, however in some instances our highly experienced staff may be unable to obtain any recognisable images of your baby’s face, if this happens then unfortunately you will not be eligible for a free rescan.

Please note that your pregnancy scan or sexing scan will take priority during your appointment and we are not able to detect Down Syndrome or other fetal anomalies during the Free 3D/4D Peek.