Fertility Scans

Fertility Scans

Price: £120 for Full Gynaecological scan initially then £55 per fertility scan

Reasons for having a fertility scan are:
  • To investigate reasons for infertility.
  • To monitor a natural or assisted fertility cycle.

Types of Fertility Scan

Endometrial Thickness Scan

This is undertaken for women following an IVF programme. It may need to be done more than once. It gives guidance about the timing of IVF.

Follicle Tracking Scan

This is done to help women in monitoring their ovulation for fertility purposes. There will usually be more than one scan in a cycle. This involves measurement of developing follicles within the ovaries throughout a cycle without ovulation induction. These measurements also include the endometrial thickness (lining of the uterus) as this will influence whether the embryo will be able to implant.

If you have any doubts about the suitability of a scan, please call Premier Scans to discuss things further.

  • Preparation: If this is your first visit then you will have a full gynaecological scantherefore please arrive with a full bladder so that we can initially scan via your tummy.   All subsequent fertility scan appointments will be performed vaginally therefore you can attend with an empty bladder
  • Appointment length: Fertility scan appointments last 10 minutes of which you can expect approximately 5 minutes scanning duration.


All our scans are archived onto a reporting database and a letter is generated immediately after the scan.  We are happy to provide a copy of the report to your GP or referring doctor.


There are no risks following these scans.

More about Fertility Scans:

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