Presentation Scan

Presentation Scan

Price: £120 (or £70 without measurements)     From: 36 weeks gestation

Presentation scans are usually performed later in pregnancy (36 weeks onwards) and is usually requested by a midwife or obstetrician to check the position of your baby. A wellbeing scan is included as we at Premier Scans believe that whenever a mother has a scan the health and wellbeing of her baby should always be checked.  The presentation scan will confirm the position of your baby and also look at the position of the placenta, amount of amniotic fluid around your baby and confirm your baby’s growth for your stage of pregnancy.  You will be provided with a report at the end of the presentation scan which will display the various measurements taken and any related charts. The Sonographer performing the scan will be able to answer any further questions you may have.

If an abnormality is detected or suspected on your scan the Sonographer will discuss this with you.  You will be given a report to take away and an appointment will be arranged for you at the hospital within a few days.  You will then be scanned again, once a diagnosis has been made the management of the pregnancy will be discussed further.

Should you wish for us to not undertake these measurements of your baby then a presentation scan can be undertaken which will confirm the position of the baby and placenta and check amount of amniotic fluid around your baby for £70..

Why have a Presentation Scan

The sonographer will scan through the tummy (trans-abdominally).

  • Preparation: No specific preparation is required. Please bring your Hospital Obstetric Notes with you when you attend for this scan.
  • Appointment length: Approximately 30 minutes, of which you can expect 15 to 20 minutes of scanning time.

What’s included in your Presentation Scan

  • Photographs: 4 x Black and white 2D Thermal images available free of charge.
  • DVD: The entire presentation scan.
  • CD-ROM: All still images stored onto a CD-ROM in JPEG format.  This allows for storage, emailing and reprinting at a later date.
  • Pregnancy Report: A detailed report confirming all the presentation scan findings will be produced including appropriate measurements.
  • Fetal Sexing: Optional – can only be carried out if you are having the measurements undertaken.

We will always give you several black and white images of your baby although at this late stage of pregnancy the images may not be very clear.